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3 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Bike Store this Holiday Season

The days are counting down until the big guy in a red suit is set to arrive, and it’s crunch time to find the perfect gift for your cycling significant other to slip under the tree. Before you hop online to sleuth out the best deal, consider strolling in to your local bike shop first.

Here are 3 big reasons why you should shop at your local bike store this holiday season:

1. You’re directly supporting the local economy

When you buy local, your money stays local. It supports the shop owner, it supports each of their employees, it supports the industry, it supports the local clubs, and it supports taxes, which help the city a more awesome place to live (politics aside).

Bike shops support the local bike scene in various forms. They’ll often make financial donations to the club, help out on a trail builds, give discounts to club members, hook up the club with parts and accessories to give out as prizes, the list goes on and on. By helping our local bike shops thrive, you’re helping the entire industry thrive in your region.

2. You can take it back!

If that jersey you got for them is a little snug from all the eggnog and sugar cookies, or that multitool isn’t quite what they had in mind, it’s okay! They can take it back and swap it out for something that will work, that week! When you shop online, the recipient is left with two options: they can try sending it back to the wherever it came from, or try and sell it for cold hard cash on Kijiji.

Of course, there are the obvious benefits of buying at a store vs. online. You can actually feel the quality of the garments and try it on yourself to see if it has any funky fit issues.

Plus, when you buy it in store, you’ll get it that day. If the store doesn’t have it in stock, they can often bring it in over the next few days. You’re not left waiting anxiously, tracking the shipment online to see where it’s at and praying it’ll be here by the 25th.

3. Our local bike stores are AWESOME.

Above all, you should shop local this season and all year round because our local bike shops are AWESOME. Each of them offer expert advice, quality service, and are eager to help you. Can any online store do that?