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5 Awesome Reasons To Join The Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club

1. You’re Supporting Trail Advocacy In Nanaimo

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we love trails. As the official mountain biking organization in Nanaimo, the NMBC is committed to building strong relationships with the public and private landowners to increase the number of authorized trails in the region for the non-motorized public enjoyment.


The NMBC has a rock-solid board of directors and a fantastic Landowner Liaison, but as with any advocacy effort, there’s strength in numbers. As a member, you’re helping the organization have a larger presence at the table when it comes to negotiating land-use agreements.


2. You’re Financially Supporting Trail Maintenance & Development

From bridges to burms and drainage systems to dirt, there’s a lot that goes into building a safe and sustainable trail. By sustainable, we mean they’re minimally invasive to the natural landscape, and carefully constructed to reduce erosion by avoiding saturation where possible. On our wonderful wet coast, that’s a feat on its own. A large portion of every membership goes directly towards funding the ongoing maintenance and development of our authorized trail network. This helps pay for things like tools and lumber to keep our trails in tip-top condition.


3. You Can Meet Great People

The NMBC all started in 2000 by a group of folks who just genuinely loved mountain biking and were keen to share it with others. Today, the organization offers 4-5 organized rides per week for all skill levels. In fact, we’re one of the only mountain bike organizations in BC that offer organized club rides. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to being on two-wheels, are looking to meet new people or new to the area and want to become more familiar with the trails, a group ride is a great place to start! Bring a lawn chair and a post-ride beverage, as these rides are as much about socializing as they are riding!


4. You Can Develop Your Skills & Learn to Ride

Our group rides are a great way to take advantage of riding with people from all skill levels. Our beginner rides, organized by Jessie of Beyond Biking, offer instruction and sessioning to help you nail the essentials. Our heart-pumping advanced rides will have you earning Strava PRs you might never have gotten on your own.


5. You Can Take Advantage of Great Discounts From Our Partners!

The NMBC has partnered up with several fantastic local partners to offer exclusive benefits, just to our members. Best of all, the list keeps growing. Check out our current partners now on our membership page!