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Fine China Refresh In Progress

Fine China, Nanaimo’s first machine-built flow trail, will be undergoing its first official refresh since its construction in 2013. A significant update has been scheduled for some time, but after recent harvesting activities forced the popular trail to close, the project was expedited to the top of the list. 

With funding from Rec Sites & Trails BC, the NMBC has hired two of the original builders: Mason McGarrigle and Bill McLean to complete the work in a one-month timeframe; between March 1st and April 5, 2021. 

The work will begin on Upper Fine China, and progress to Lower Fine China as the work is completed. Only the section being worked on will be closed at a time to allow more use of the trail. Finer China will not be affected by this work. 


Work is complete and the trail has reopened! 
Preride, Reride, Freeride!

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