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NMBC Hosts Level II Builders Workshop

On the weekend of March 6th, 7th, and 8th 2020, the NMBC hosted a Level 2 Advanced Design and Construction course with Mark Wood of Trail Holistics for our most engaged project leaders and trail committee.

The course builds upon the foundation of the level I course and digs deeper into things like:

  • Risk management strategies for planning, designing and constructing new trails
  • Structures
  • Planning and creating new trail networks and upgrading existing trail networks to current standards
  • Soil and slope analysis
  • Provincial requirements and regulations
  • Guidelines for advanced TTFs (technical trail features)

The course was split between being in-class and on-trail. In the end, the participants created a new, progressive wooden structure on Bobs Your Uncle.

Will there be more courses like this in the future?

Yes! However, these courses are expensive for the club to run so they are somewhat infrequent at this time. The Level II course is also a very small class size, of about 6-8 people, while Level 1 has an intake of about 20 people.


What Prerequisites Do I Need To Be Considered For The This Course?

  • Must have taken Level 1
  • Must be an active and engaged builder, preferably who is either a project leader on community trail days or has agreed to take on a project under the NMBC’s trail management plan and reports back to the Trail Committee. Preference is given to those who are the most engaged with our authorized trail projects at this time. ‘

Keen to take the Level 2 course next time it’s offered? Reach out to to let our Trail Committee know!

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