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NMBC Partnering With TimberWest and the RDN To Manage & Maintain Doumont Trail Network



The Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club executive committee would like to formally announce our exciting new partnership to manage and maintain the private land portions of the Doumont trail network.


On June 1st, 2017 the NMBC entered into a 4-year renewable agreement with TimberWest and the Regional District of Nanaimo to manage trails on 1,000 hectares of private land in the Doumont area. The agreement formally authorizes recreational use of the area while sharing land access with other stakeholders in the area.


Under the terms of the agreement, there are two distinct areas: the densest network of trails south of Weigles Rd. is now designated for non-motorized recreational use and will be free of biosolids. North of Weigles Rd. a 60m wide biosolids-free riding corridor will be maintained around the popular ‘Big Rock’ climbing route.


Doumont supports the oldest and most dense network of recreational trails in the area and the partnership ensures long-term access to these private lands. The agreement will allow the club to greatly enhance the recreational experience by ensuring trails are even more fun, safe and challenging. In the upcoming months, the club will be responsible for completing a full trail inventory and prepare the first annual trail management plan which will determine trail signage, construction and maintenance priorities. The club is also currently investigating funding opportunities for a number of projects for the Doumont area including:

  • Construction of entrance kiosks and area maps
  • Installation of signs on authorized trails
  • Repair and replacement of non-technical trail structures


The Doumont network also plays a vital link to trails like Jameson, Outer Bypass, Witchcraft Lake and the Westwood Lake trail network.


The executive believes this agreement is an important and necessary step toward ensuring long-term access for mountain biking in Nanaimo.  Effective management of Doumont will require the involvement of club members and the entire mountain biking community.


We encourage anyone interested in the management of Doumont to become involved, either as a club member or through a donation. We will be releasing Trail Supporter stickers as a way to contribute without a full membership.


We also ask that during the dry summer months that builders take a break to allow us an opportunity to complete an up-to-date trail inventory. It’s a great time to put down your tools and go for a ride!


If you have any questions or would like to offer your ideas for the Doumont area, please get in touch with us at


Happy trails,

Dana Wacker
NMBC Website & Communications Director