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Temporary Trail Closures In Doumont

Please be advised there are temporary trail closures in place throughout the months of November and December in the Doumont trail network while the landowner constructs a new road. Not all of the affected trails will be closed at the same time, rather, they’ll be closed as necessary to ensure rider safety. We’ll do our best to communicate exactly which trails are closed via social media. Please respect all signage, and follow directions of crews.

Affected trails include: Snakes and Ladders, Oh Henry, Tonka, Ruper, Rhino, Mal U, Rhythm Crazy, Cuppa Tea, Thunder Road, Penny Lane, Cheap Sun Glasses, Old Car, Bump, Gateway, Lower Armageddon, Andreas Curves, Hades, TNT, Bruin, Poop Chute.

Please note: No trails are being permanently closed or removed at this time, the closures are strictly for safety reasons only. That said, this is a working forest and it’s highly likely that there will be some harvesting activities in the future.

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