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Unsafe Structure Assessment & Removal On Flow Show and The Simple Life

An increase in trail reports has led the trail committee to address concerns of unsafe structures on Flow Show and The Simple Life.

A recent assessment of technical trail features (TTFs) on Flow Show and The Simple Life has determined that many of the features have reached the end of their life span and are in various states of disrepair. Some structures are anchored to dead standing trees, while others have a combination of rotting wood and unsafe construction. While we recognize that many folks are enjoying these features, its the NMBC’s duty of care to ensure rider safety is the #1 priority. 

Flow Show and The Simple Life are currently unauthorized trails on Crown land. The NMBC is in the process of seeking authorization by means of a Section 56 with Rec Sites & Trails BC to manage and maintain these trails, however, this process takes time, and an assessment had to be completed before doing so. It was part of this assessment that some of the features were deemed unsafe. 

If the Section 56 is approved and the NMBC is able to manage the trails, the long-term vision is to retain their aesthetic by building new features under the requirements RSTBC sets out for technical trail features (TTFs). The approval process will take several months, but in the meantime, users are welcome to submit ideas for features in our upcoming trail survey.

Here are some images that were taken during the assessment to highlight the various states of disrepair: 

Why do you need to remove the features, and not just fix them?

This isn’t possible for a few reasons. Firstly, the NMBC doesn’t have a management agreement in place with Rec Sites & Trails for these trails. Without authorization, the organization could face serious liability implications and risk jeopardizing key relationships with landowners. Secondly, many of the features are beyond a simple repair and need to be fully reconstructed.

What if someone else rebuilds new structures on these trails? 

Rec Sites & Trails BC has informed the NMBC that any new structures will be subject to removal. 

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