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The Nanaimo Mountain Bike Club is a nonprofit, volunteer trail advocacy group that serves in and around the city of Nanaimo. Our mission is to build, manage, and maintain trails through partnering with landowners, public and private, to create fun and challenging trail networks for every age and ability. With the exception of a few that have been purpose-built for downhill mountain biking, all of our trails are sanctioned for non-motorized use, and are also there to be enjoyed by dog walkers, hikers, and trail runners alike. In addition to trail work, we also organize races, events, community maintenance days, and weekly group rides to foster an engaged and diverse mountain bike community.

The NMBC originally began as a social group to help residents meet other riders. Since it’s inception in 2000, it has evolved into a robust organization involved in several trail enhancement initiatives, while still offering weekly organized group rides for its members.

Club Statistics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join a ride without a membership?

Yes! Anyone can join a club ride at any time, we just ask that if you’re going to continually come to organized group rides that you invest in an annual club membership to help support our trail building and advocacy efforts.

Do you have rides for beginners?

Yes! The late fall through early spring can be a tough time for beginners to learn how to ride, but the club offers beginner-specific rides throughout the summer hosted by Jessie, owner and professional mtb instructor at Beyond Biking. 

A portion of my membership goes to insurance, what's that for?

A portion of every membership purchase goes towards club insurance. This is a necessary investment as part of our land-use agreements and protects the organization, it’s members, and volunteers. 

what do my annual membership dues go towards?

Each membership primarily goes towards trail building tools and resources, though a portion also goes towards insurance, operational software, and education for members.