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Safety Advisory & Post-Storm Trail Closures

Last week, Nanaimo received the storm of a lifetime. As a result, nearly every trail in our network was affected, and unfortunately, some beyond the point of repair. We continue to urge trail users to avoid entering any of the local trails until we’ve had a chance to assess the danger. If you really must head out onto the trails remember there are many branches hanging in the canopy and uprooted trees that could fall with a gust of wind or from the weight of snow. Please exercise caution when riding in the next few weeks.

Group Rides:

All group rides have been cancelled for the remainder of December to allow the trail committee a chance to assess the condition of the trail networks to ensure it’s safe to lead a ride through them. In place of Sunday’s group ride, we will be leading an organized cleanup through Westwood.


The City has re-opened Westwood Lake Park and some good samaritans have been clearing the trails throughout the Westwood area.  We appreciate these efforts but again urge trail users to use extreme caution and to not take on tasks beyond their knowledge and training.  The club will be working with landowners to assess the situation and get the trails opened as soon as possible.


Doumont was devastated by the storm and will be closed until further notice while we work with the landowners to develop a plan of action. Please remember Doumont is a working forest and the land managers may want to recover some of these down trees. We will keep trail users up-to-date and will let everyone know when, and how, to help with trail reclamation efforts.
Unfortunately, Finer China sustained significant damage and there are some very large, unstable trees on and above the trail that are very dangerous. The land manager has requested that good samaritans do not attempt to clear any trees in the area, this is a job for professional fallers. Once the trail is cleared it will still require a significant amount of dirt work before it can be reopened. Please be patient.

Other areas:

Other trails in the Nanaimo area are in varying condition. Reports have mentioned that some clearing work has been done at Ridge Runner and South Benson. Because the NMBC does not have a land use agreement in place for these areas, we are unable to clear those trails, or assess the condition of these trails. We appreciate these efforts the good samaritans working to clear these trails but again urge everyone to use extreme caution and to not take on tasks beyond their knowledge and training.

How you can help

If you have taken a WCB certified chainsaw bucking course, have all the PPE (personal protective equipment) and want to help please contact us at As part of our land use agreements it is mandatory to have this qualification, we also need to communicate a work plan with the operators.

It is going to take time to deal with every issue and we would like to remind people to continue posting on Trailforks reports

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