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Update Regarding The Doumont Signage Plan

**Update as of April 1, 2019: The signs have arrived! The trail committee is currently working on getting posts and deciding how each post will be installed. **

The management agreement between the NMBC, TimberWest and RDN, requires that all Doumont trails the club manages be insured and maintained to the Whistler Trail Standard. Signage is an integral component of the Whistler Trail Standards for a number of reasons, including user safety and experience. Consistent signage is both distinguishable, informative, and reliable, meaning that it gives users confidence in knowing when to expect a sign and what it will look like.

The NMBC reviewed signage requirements and also reached out to UROC to for signage reference and best practices as their Management Agreement is similar to NMBC.

The main objectives of the signage project are to enhance:

  1. User Safety
  2. Emergency Response
  3. User Experience

The Doumont managed trail network signage will ultimately meet the Whistler Trail Standard by displaying:

  • Trail names
  • Difficulty ratings
  • Provide directions for connecting trails and be in consistent locations on trails and intersections so users know where to expect to find them.

The first phase of the plan is to help define our corridor on the north side of Weigles road. This will consist of trailhead and en-route signage indicating major junctions or exits to the main road (Weigles road).

A contract bid package for the production and installation of signage along the North Weigles Corridor will be available for review and bidding shortly.

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