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Winter Trail Crew Summary

Time is drawing to an end for the NMBC’s first ever paid trail crew program

Here’s an update on everything that was accomplished over the past few months: 


Part of the vision that prescribed the work in Doumont was to create a corridor on the south side of Weigles Rd to compliment the corridor on the north.

The majority of days were spent in Doumont, building a new climbing trail to bypass the deteriorating road known as Killer Climb. 


Unbroken Souls – *NEW*
An all-new, seemingly machine-made climber connecting the bottom of Scotts to the top of Banshee Boulevard. Unbroken Souls is a name of many meanings: there were some very hard days spent pulling rock and digging out stumps, but the crew never gave up. Along the trail, you’ll encounter remnants of old freeride features, reminding riders of the old school roots that remain in this network. 

Close Encounters Reroute – Soon to be renamed ‘Mike Palowski’
Close Encounters received a reroute as well, with the intention of making a better link between Banshee Boulevard, Bobs Your Uncle, and Hayden. The crew had a lot of fun on this one and a few pulaskis were broken in the process. So, they opted to pay tribute to the Monsters Inc character and the lost pulaskis. 

Lastly, on their final day of work, the crew headed down to Monkeys in the Mist to reroute the top-most section to avoid the 


When the snow fell in Doumont, the crew migrated south to Westwood to do a full sweep of the K2/Legalize It loop to tackle some much-needed water maintenance. 

Upon completion of that project, they moved to Binx, where a complete overhaul was done to reinvent the historic trail. With fresh new berms and reroutes, the trail is flowing faster than ever, and a new set of jumps are breathing life back into this old gem. 

That being said, because of the change in aesthetic, Binx is no longer a bi-directional trail. Please avoid heading uphill, as riders will be carrying very high-speeds to make the jumps near the bottom of the trail. Riders can use Brothers 5, the designated climbing trail, while foot traffic can use Brothers 5 or Kilpatrick to reach the trail junction at the top. 

Are You Looking For Great Employees?

Many of our crew members are looking for employment this spring and have a wide variety of skills sets as well as a work ethic that has been hardened by physical work outdoors through the BC winter.  If your business may be looking for employees at this time, please reach out to us at and perhaps we can help connect you with your next all-star employee!

Trail Crew Program Supporters

  • Home Hardware
  • McGarrigle Tree Service

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